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About us

We are Media Advisors, your business partner focusing on enhancing public prosperity by the synergy between the scientific community and the business leaders' potential.  Our vision includes establishing and supporting partnerships between stakeholders for successful business models and commercialisation of scientific achievements in the areas of circular economy, health, digital technologies, mobility, sustainable agriculture and natural resources.



What do we offer?

service 1


Identification of technological demands for the product and possible partners.

service 2

Project Team

The service includes planning of an appropriate consortium structure, selection of the team members for the specific project, partnership ...

service 3


The service includes assessing whether the concept and profile of your project meet the requirements of the target call for proposals. It will save time, effort and ...



service 4


The service is a comprehensive overview of the almost final version of a project proposal summarised in a detailed report on the presentation of the project ...

service 4

Full assistance

This is the most comprehensive service that consults the project team through every step of the process of preparing a project proposal for applying ...

service 4

IP pre-diagnostic

IP pre-diagnostic services are key for building the SME's IP strategy.  The business model of the enterprise, its products or services and development plans ...


What to expect for the new 2021

What is Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the European Union's new framework programme for research and innovation for the period 2021-2027 and is the extension of the previous EU Horizon 2020 programme.  Knowing the structure of Horizon Europe makes it possible to choose the most suitable area for your scientific project to match the conditions for application and the expected impact.

Horizon Europe

The next eu research & inovation
programme (2021-2027)


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